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There is one magic ingredient in every workshop. One thing that makes it work. It's the person hosting. The facilitator.

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    The Art of Facilitation

    Hosting a workshop is hard work. Facilitators are responsible for the outcomes and for everyone's experience. Magic isn't easy.
    Facilitation requires confidence and competence. Let's get started – to make your workshops work.

    “Myriam is much more than a facilitator. I think she is a sense maker and the world needs more sense-making.”

    Oscar Trimboli, Author of “Deep Listening”, Professional Speaker, Mentor

    “Myriam is caring, yet challenges and brings out the best of a group. A very professional and refreshing approach.”

    Eva-Maria Weidner, Director of Global Sales Communication, Lufthansa Group


    Work with me

    When a workshop goes off-course, you need to be nimble. You need the right mindset, skillset and toolset.
    Someone has already solved the problem you face. Let’s build your confidence and competence as a facilitator.
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    Coaching for Facilitators

    Get direct access to the expertise that will grow your confidence and competence to take your workshops to the next level.
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    12 Steps Checklist

    Perfect your Preparation

    Preparation is the key to success. This checklist and mini-course is totally free and will help you create a reliable process.
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    About me

    Facilitator and sense maker since 2009

    Hello, my name is Myriam Hadnes. I earned a PhD in Behavioural Economics and now apply the knowledge to facilitation.
    Like many others, I have been facilitating for over a decade without knowing what a facilitator was. I didn't understand that what I was doing had a name.
    To support other facilitators in their journey, I created the “workshops work” podcast as an introduction to a new expert and mentor each week.
    Today, I curate the NeverDoneBefore - a community for expert facilitators to grow their skills beyond the beaten tracks. It is our Research & Development department to make
    Myriam Hadnes Headshot

    Dr Myriam Hadnes


    Work with me

    Complex projects require simple solutions.
    Most organisations have everything they need. What's missing isn't knowledge or know-how. What's missing is alignment and process design.
    We call that: Facilitation. utilises its global expert facilitator network to source the A-Team for your project.
    We design tailored solution, using a blended mix of tools, methods and skills. Because there is no 'one-size-fits-all'.

    Tailored Solutions

    Let me source your A-Team and co-create a tailored solution with you.

    Examples: We build inhouse academies, and train for effective meetings, facilitation, psychological safety, diversity equity & inclusion, lean/ agile, leadership or communication.

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    In our community, a problem solved somewhere is a problem solved everywhere. 

    Perfect for: facilitators of all kinds who seek a community of practice and peer-learning

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    Create smoother workshops

    There is no one-size-fits-all design for effective workshops. It's the nature of the problem and the intrinsic reality of group dynamics!
    Unique challenges need unique support. We give you that opportunity. Will you take it?


    The magic that make workshops work

    Listen to interviews with international experts in facilitation and collaboration.
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    Thoughts on the art of facilitation

    Read more about the basics of facilitation, workshops, leadership.
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    Go-to resources to make your workshops work

    Download digital resources that help you grow your confidence and competence as a facilitator.
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