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Dr Myriam Hadnes

Workshops are my passion and my profession. They are tools to facilitate collaboration.

My background and PhD in behavioural economics has helped me to understand what it is that gets in our way. And I have developed a toolbox to remove these obstacles through micro-interventions.

The time I have spent both living and working in Europe, Asia and Africa has taught me that most of the challenges we face are self-made and independent of our cultural, social and disciplinary backgrounds. When I listen to my clients and their teams, I see the human side and their commonalities.

I use my ‘researcher mindset’ to approach any project. When I understand the expectations of my clients and their teams, I switch into creative design-mode to come up with tailor-made agendas for workshops that deliver results.

That’s my passion and my profession: I host the podcast "workshops work", design and facilitate workshops and host live mastermind events for expert facilitators.

If you want to hear more about my vita and way of working, tune into my solo episode on the workshops’ work podcast or episode 89 featured by Leanne Hughes on her "First Time Facilitator" podcast. And stay updated by signing up to my newsletter.


“My clients find support from the group to tackle their individual and team challenges.”

Myriam Hadnes, founder of

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