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Every workshop and every host has unique challenges. Unique challenges need unique support. Let's get started.

Your time to grow as a facilitator

What works in one workshop might fail in another. As facilitators, we have to be structured and agile to guide groups through all situations.
How might we?
I offer tailored advice to unique challenges.

“The results exceeded my expectations! It was really easy to jump-start and create great results in just two hours while sharing tons of good insights along the way.”

Martin, Germany

“It was such a great investment of time! I loved how we really connected, and how efficient we were! For me, a proof virtual collaboration has lots of potential for human interaction.”

Stefanie, Netherlands


Let me be your sparring partner, mentor, coach and advisor. Work with me to reflect, prepare, and achieve.

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This peer coaching format helps you to make progress. Find answers, take action, and be accountable to your group.

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Join a space to share, learn and practice the skills that we preach. No time in chats or on social media. We meet live, online, for real.

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