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Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees. We feel stuck and out of ideas.

Find answers, take action, be accountable

Hurdles and roadblocks are inevitable. Very often, it takes an outside perspective, sometimes only one question, to progress past them.
Do you miss a piece of knowledge? Lack the experience in a situation or, an accountability partner who reminds you of your goals?

“A great investment in my future. I recommend joining he masterminds for your own learnings as well as for your personal and professional growth.”

Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture, The Texturalists

“Myriam masterfully navigated us through a process of framing our challenges, solutioning what we want to do about them, and eventually implementing.”

Dr Stefan Fothe, Director at Ownity, Melbourne, Australia


What's a mastermind

A Mastermind is a curated peer-coaching format. You can join one-off sessions or become part of a 3-months programme to take advantage of the accountability of the group. 
A Mastermind is a group of people who come together with the goal of working together to solve individual problems. 
When you lack the clarity to move forwards, a group of peers can make the difference. We will call out your biases and blindspots.
You get personalised, advice and coaching from me and the group. We share experiences and exchange knowledge.
We share an inspiring, innovative and positive space.


Join a mastermind

You can come with a specific question, or just take advantage of the opportunity to ideate with 4 like-minded peers.
I curate each group and host all sessions myself, ensuring that everyone gets ample time in the spotlight to talk about their goals and leaves with hands-on advice.
Together, we tap into our experience, knowledge, and expertise. Together, we explore our blindspots, challenge assumptions, and find solutions.
We define actions on howto progress.


The mastermind process

Mastermind groups start every 2-3 months. Four members join around one common topic, while each works on their own challenge.
The group may focus on topics such as starting or growing a facilitation business, preparing a hairy project, or, starting a podcast.
We will be working together over the course of 3 months. That’s enough time to tap into your own challenge and create accountability among peers.
During structured, bi-weekly calls of 120 minutes, each member gets time in the spotlight and receives the group’s full attention.
We are each other's coaches and accountability partners.
Would you like to take a seat at the virtual table?
Book a no-pressure call to see if it's right for you

Views from previous Mastermind groups

“Myriam guided us with great exercises and challenged us to specify our ideas, to build on each other's expertise, and to make us accountable for our promised deliveries.”

Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture, The Texturalists

“It is such a rare opportunity to have other people in similar contexts thinking together with me. I have cherished the energy and clarity the Mastermind brought about within me.”

Dr Stefan Fothe, Director at Ownity, Melbourne, Australia

If you don't feel like committing

You may feel that a Mastermind Group isn’t quite right for you. Does your challenge need a quick fix?
My one-off Mastermind sessions take 4 hours and allow each member into the spotlight to learn from the group. Mastermind sessions are focused on smaller, more tangible challenges.
If you are looking for closer, more focused advice, you can arrange one-to-one coaching sessions with me.
Book a call to explore how to we could work together