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What if you could surround yourself with your own board of advisors?

You don't have to do this alone!

There are times, you might not see the woods for the trees. You have an idea, a vision, a goal but don't know where to start. No one to share it with.
You may feel stuck, you want change, but you aren't sure whether you are on the right track.
What if you had a group of thinking-buddies, like-minded peers to give you feedback?
That's what we call a Mastermind group! And, we curate it for you.
Scroll down to find out how.


Our Mastermind approach for you

The Mastermind is a peer-coaching format that invites you to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.
We curate groups of individuals who share the same mindset of generosity & curiosity but complement each other in their fields of expertise.
Different perspectives on your unique journey will help you to find clarity because your peers can see what you cannot.
We have developed a proven approach that facilitates the process for groups to collectively tackle individual challenges.
Scroll down to find out more about the different options: A full day onsite in Amsterdam, or, an 8-weeks online programme.

“A great investment in my future. I recommend joining he masterminds for your own learnings as well as for your personal and professional growth.”

Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture, The Texturalists

“Myriam masterfully navigated us through a process of framing our challenges, solutioning what we want to do about them, and eventually implementing.”

Dr Stefan Fothe, Director at Ownity, Melbourne, Australia


Mastermind Day

If you have a topic that deserves your full attention and collective thinking, you can join our full-day Mastermind in Amsterdam.
It invites you to focus on what really matters to you.
Who are you becoming?
This question will be your guide for the day that takes you through 3 stages:
  • Guided self-reflection for clarity on what it is that you aspire.

  • Mastermind peer-coaching in groups of 5 where each of you gets equal time on the 'hot seat' to give and to receive.

  • Integration of your insights and learnings so that you can leave the space with confidence & clarity about the next steps.

The Mastermind Day includes a 1-1 coaching call with Dr Myriam Hadnes to set you up for success.

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Or, leave your name and email address to join the waiting list:


    Our Mastermind Programme

    If you wish for your personal advisory board to work on a bigger project, join our 8-weeks Mastermind online programme.
    The Mastermind Programme is for those who are working on a bigger goal such as your personal change process, or a product/ service launch.
    We will be working together over the course of 8 weeks. That’s enough time for you to get from confusion to clarity to action due to a proven process and a rigorous accountability system.
    Every week, you get your own time in the "spotlight" with all hearts, brains and eyes on you and your topic.
    We become your coaches and accountability partners who challenge you without judgment and advise you with compassion.
    Would you like to take a seat at the virtual table?
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    Or, leave your name and email address to join the waiting list:

      Views from previous Mastermind groups

      “Myriam guided us with great exercises and challenged us to specify our ideas, to build on each other's expertise, and to make us accountable for our promised deliveries.”

      Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture, The Texturalists

      “It is such a rare opportunity to have other people in similar contexts thinking together with me. I have cherished the energy and clarity the Mastermind brought about within me.”

      Dr Stefan Fothe, Director at Ownity, Melbourne, Australia

      The Power of a Mastermind

      What question or challenge would you bring to a Mastermind group that you'd consider your Wisdom Circle?

      Myriam remembers very well her first experience with a Mastermind. A one-day event in London, sitting around a table with other entrepreneurs. She had just started her business and froze each time someone asked her what I was doing. Clearly her elevator pitch around 'facilitating collaboration' didn't land.

      Intimidated by the group of entrepreneurs she couldn't even think of an interesting question for them to help her with.

      Instead, the group helped her to see her superpower: Using her curiosity and 'thinking on two feet' to guide conversations. With one podcaster on the table, the group quickly agreed that this would be her magic stick to clarify the value of her facilitation.

      She won the first big client after 15 episodes into the podcast and more followed as she gained reach and expert status.

      The investment in the mastermind and podcast had paid off after three months only.

      Despite the positive outcome, Myriam still remembers the discomfort and vulnerability when joining the format without clear intentions.

      Therefore, she now offers a 1-1 coaching call and a digital "accelerator group call" so that you feel safe and prepared when you take a seat at her mastermind table.


      If you feel the shivers of excitement, see the world of opportunities but hesitate whether this is for you:

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