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Every workshop and every host has unique challenges. Unique challenges require unique support. The right support will help you thrive. Are you ready to thrive?

Confident facilitators achieve great outcomes

With one-to-one coaching, you don’t just access my experience, but also the lessons learned from almost 100 podcast guests - all experts of group collaboration.
Whether you have nothing on paper yet or a final agenda that you want to refine, I am here to guide and advise you.
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“Myriam helped us to think, reflect and ultimately create  - which lead to innovative and very satisfying results!”

Eva-Maria Weidner, Director of Global Sales Communication - Lufthansa Group

“Myriam created an experience, summed up by one member of the team who said her methods were 'addictive'.”

Henry von Blumenthal, European Investment Bank Institute


May I help?

Maybe you wouldn't even call yourself a facilitator.
If you are leading a team, training groups or educating an audience, you facilitate. 
With this duty comes a sense of uncertainty. Will the group get the results I promise?  
I want to help you move beyond your doubts. Let's build your competence to make you confident. 
In my coaching, I don't just ask you “why” questions. I challenge your ideas, add perspectives, and provide you with a structured process. 
We make your workshops work.


What you’ll get

One-to-one coaching sessions give you flexibility, attention, and space to explore your specific challenge.
If you are working on something fundamental - maybe a bigger project, a new meeting culture, your own facilitation business – you deserve focus time to clarify, structure and do.
My one-to-one coaching sessions give you the attention you need to find answers and make progress.
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Our coaching sessions

As unique as you are, as tailored are my sessions. And still, there are some things I can guarantee you:
  • You get a tailored programme, incl. 6 sessions of 90 minutes.
  • You will have access to your personal online whiteboard (MURAL) – and coaching how to effectively use it.
  • You can speak with honesty, uncertainty, and imperfection.
  • You will feel challenged and grow.
  • You leave competent and confident for your upcoming sessions.
One-off coaching sessions

Too much commitment?

And if you are only facing a small challenge, if you need a sparring partner, advisor, mentor, sense-maker to find clarity, then book my one-off 60 minutes coaching session with me.
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