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In our community, a problem solved somewhere is a problem solved everywhere. 

A community of facilitators, for facilitators

We can change the world, one workshop at the time.
Since 2020, I am curating a global online community of facilitators. We call it "NeverDoneBefore"
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The community

NeverDoneBefore is a community for those who are curious to leave the beaten tracks of facilitation to grow beyond what we know.
The community gives space to everyone to learn, share, connect and explore. workshops work podcast guests share their best-kept secrets and test their newest ideas.
As a community of facilitators, we learn while no one is teaching. We experience together.


How it works

NeverDoneBefore is an online community joining a year-long programme that culminates in a 24-hours, online festival in November.
  • Meet podcast guests for NDB workshops and gatherings.
  • Join demo sessions of new online collaboration tools.
  • Access a global community to ask questions and find support.
  • Jump on to the practice sessions where you can practice your virtual facilitation skills.
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