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Unlock answers with the help of other experts

Hurdles and roadblocks in our work are inevitable but, sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to help us progress past them.


Whether it’s because of a missing piece of knowledge, inexperience in a situation, or not having an accountability partner; we can sometimes feel we lack the clarity and confidence to move forwards.


Our biases and blindspots can hold us back when we try to solve our problems on our own.


The unique nature of workshops means it’s unlikely you will find the solution to your specific problem in a book or podcast. The pieces of the puzzle might be there, but putting them together on your own is a difficult task.

Yes we can!

Find your answers with Mastermind

Together, with up to four of your peers, you will tap into the shared power, knowledge, and experience of your group.

Together, we will explore our blindspots, challenge assumptions, and find solutions to our problems and questions.

Together, we will find new ways to overcome our challenges.

If you are stuck trying to find a solution to your problem, perhaps it's time to get a fresh perspective... or perspectives.


If this could be for you, why don't you book an "exploration call" with me to find out whether this could be a fit? Click here to find a spot on my calendar.

What you get

Clear the fog and light the way for each other

Working as a group, with me as your guide, you will each introduce the problem or question you choose to bring to the group and explore ways to solve it with your peers.


  • Experience the magic of a group brainstorming a topic you've been trying to work through by yourself.
  • Embrace helping your peers in a reciprocal relationship.
  • Enjoy an unpressured environment that is focused on exploration and curiosity, rather than concrete answers and definitive statements.
  • Relax into periods of intentional silence, designed to cultivate
  • focus and reflection.
  • Feel energised and inspired by your peers' perspectives to develop a prototype for action.
  • Learn a new tool for virtual collaboration and strengthen your collaborative muscles.


My Mastermind sessions host four participants at most. In my experience, four is the perfect number. It allows us the time and space to share comfortably, with full attention and care for each other.

We will be working together over the course of 3 months. You will tap into your own challenge and gain a deeper understanding of your peers' situation.

You will become each other's coaches and accountability partners. 

Would you like to take a seat at the virtual table?


Book a no-pressure call to see if it's right for you

Is it for you?

Other options for accountability and guidance

You may feel that a Mastermind Group isn’t quite right for you or the problem you are trying to solve.

That’s why I also offer Mastermind Sprints and one-to-one guidance.

Sprints are one-off sessions that follow the same structure as Mastermind Groups, but are focused on smaller, more black and white problems.

You can also arrange one-to-one guidance sessions with me, if you are looking for a sparring partner who can offer you closer, more-targeted accountability.


Book a call to see if one-to-one guidance is right for you


Views from previous Mastermind Groups

“Myriam not only provided the framework for our Mastermind group, guiding us with great exercises, but also challenged us to specify our ideas, to build on each other's expertise and to make us accountable on our promised deliveries.

It was a great investment in my future and I can only recommend joining Myriam and the Masterminds for your own learnings as well as for your personal and professional growth.”

- Susanne Heiss, Facilitator for Change & Culture, The Texturalists

“Myriam masterfully navigated us through a process of framing our challenges, solutioning what we want to do about them, and eventually implementing.

Everybody was able to make their section of each session about what they needed. That meant that while we shared a group experience, the insights themselves were very personal and immediately relevant.   

It is such a rare opportunity to have other people in similar contexts thinking together with me. I have cherished the energy and clarity it brought about within me.

I recommend the Mastermind Group for small business leaders and entrepreneurs who are pondering strategic questions in their business or who want to really get going with a change. It certainly got me over a hump I wouldn’t have overcome otherwise."

- Dr Stefan Fothe, Director at Ownity, Melbourne, Australia.

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