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If we don't ask, we don't get

Use the collective power of the group to find your blindspots and explore solutions that will work for you.

Yes we can!

Help each other to cut through the noise and get unstuck


In a small group, everyone gets the opportunity to share their key question and receive insights from the others to solve each's particular challenge.


  • Experience the magic when 4 people brainstorm on a topic that is relevant for you.
  • Embrace the positivity of sharing knowledge among peers.
  • Feel the calm when the brainstorm is structured in a way that it inspires you to think outside of your box without the pressure to answer.
  • Enjoy moments of silence to focus and reflect.
  • Feel energised to use the insights to turn your question into a prototype for action.
  • Learn a new tool for virtual collaboration.


To assure that every participant gets the chance to benefit from the mastermind, there is a limited number of 4 seats.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!


"Getting feedback and sharing experience with people who are completely outside my own bubble was really valuable, and the strategies are definitely ones I'll keep coming back to." (Liz, NL)


"The mastermind demonstrated what can be done without meeting in person. I have been lucky enough to get wonderful advice from people all over Europe (and hopefully shared some with them too!)"

(Nicola, UK)


"This was a well spend time in a virtual Workshop."

(Gudrun, DE)


"A lovely experience and helpful reminder that beautiful things can happen in an unknown environment with complete strangers. The trick lies in the being rather than in the doing. Thank you all for your generosity and presence."

(Pilar, HR)

Your host and facilitator

Myriam Hadnes is the host of the Workshops Work podcast - a weekly show about workshop facilitation and methods for collaborative processes.

She has an academic background in Economics and Sociology and earned a PhD in Behavioural Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt. Myriam's methods are based on scientific insights on human behaviour and help participants to communicate and co-create more effectively across hierarchies, generations and disciplines.

Now, Myriam applies her insights to the design and facilitation of workshops and group collaboration.

While Myriam taught Bachelor, Master and PhD students in Europe and Asia experimental economics, she now works with international clients such as the European Investment Bank, Porsche and the Lufthansa Group as well as universities and public service institutions.

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