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Do your meetings give you energy?

Who remains silent in your workshops?

What are the results of your last workshop?

Are you looking forward to your next meeting?



As a workshop facilitator, you set the stage for success or failure of professional gatherings. It is in your hands whether the group achieves its goals, whether it translates challenges into solutions.

I am a behavioural economist, a podcast host and professional facilitator and: 

It is my mission to help you to make workshops work!

“Myriam is much more than a facilitator. I think she is a sense maker and  the world needs more sense-making.”

Oscar Trimboli, Author of "Deep Listening", Professional Speaker, Mentor

Work with me

To make workshops work, I help you to

  • Leverage your expertise to prepare a workshop where groups effectively communicate, collaborate and co-create.
  • Get your team up to speed to facilitate their own workshops and meetings.

And, I facilitate “boutique workshops” and masterminds myself. I help groups and teams who want to get from confusion, to clarity, to action.

"Myriam is caring, yet challenges and brings out the best of a group.
A very professional and refreshing approach."

Eva-Maria Weidner, Director of Global Sales Communication - Lufthansa Group


When I speak of a workshop, I mean:

A participatory tool to harvest the collective intelligence of a group to achieve a goal that could not be achieved by each individual alone.


Workshops work

From my experience, workshops work if …

  • Everyone shares the same understanding about the workshop purpose and goals.
  • Each participant has an active role and feels free and safe to contribute independent of hierarchies, departments and generations.
  • The group achieves the result they came for and everyone has clarity about the next steps once they step out of the workshop.

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