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How I help

Designing, preparing and facilitating a workshop can be an overwhelming experience. What if we could make it energising?

My clients rely on me as their

  • Sparring partner (read: coach) or advisor to help you think about your agenda and execution
  • Facilitator to design and deliver workshops or meetings 
  • Guide to get internal facilitators up to speed 

How can we work together to make workshops work?

Click here to book an exploration call to find out how we can work together. Or, fill in this service inquiry form.

“Myriam helped us to think, reflect and ultimately create  
- which lead to innovative and
very satisfying results!”

Eva-Maria Weidner, Director of Global Sales Communication - Lufthansa Group

Next steps

How can you know whether I am the person who can help you to make workshops work? Well, you can find out yourself:

  1. Listen to my podcast
  2. Click here to download my free 12-steps checklist that guides you through the workshop preparation. And, it comes with a free online course.
  3. Or, get the complete guide with supporting videos, guiding questions and exercises. Click here to get it right now.
  4. Speak to me: Reserve your slot in my weekly office hour.

To join my virtual Mastermind: Click here.


“Myriam is incredibly intelligent and great at helping me give the best of myself.”

Eugenio Moliní, Podcast guest on episode 054

Work with me

Book me as your sparring partner (read: coach) or advisor.

Click here to get your slot to work through your urgent challenge.  

Work with me as your

  • virtual facilitator to design and deliver workshops, team rituals or meetings 
  • trainer to design your workshop patterns or get your internal facilitators up to speed

Click here to to fill in the inquiry form.

“Myriam created an experience, summed up by one member
of the team who said her methods were 'addictive'.”

Henry von Blumenthal, European Investment Bank Institute

Make the difference

Well designed and professionally facilitated workshops can change the game of your project. 

Let me help you to make your workshops work.

Fill in the inquiry form. 

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