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001 – Getting it right by starting it right. The power of connection – with Patrick Cowden


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In this episode, I talk to Patrick Cowden, founder of Beyond Leadership, an agency that helps organizations to unleash their full potential. By introducing a new way of leadership, Patrick empowers organizations to master future challenges. 

Patrick is a book author, TEDx speaker and enhancer of collaboration. In this episode, we talk about the importance of human connection in workshops. Patricks shares how facilitators can change the game and deal with egos and politics by kicking off working sessions with a simple check-in exercise.  

Don’t miss the hands-on advice, tips and tricks and Patrick’s energy that will spill over and inspire you to deliver workshops that work. 


Questions and Answers


[1:38]  What is wrong with the way we gather professionally at work?

[4:08]  What can we do to combine joy and results in meetings and workshops?

[8:06]  Can we achieve the same results when we meet remotely?

[14:45]  How can we create a human connection in workshops?

[17:20]  Can you explain how the “connect exercise” works? 

[23:19]  To what extent do you explain why you are doing specific exercises? Do you achieve the same results when you do the connect exercise in 3 minutes versus 30 seconds?

[28:11]  How do you shift from the connection exercise to the “real” business-related topic of the meeting?

[33:45]  How can you assure sustainable results of your intervention?

[35:13]  Can you adjust the “connect exercise” to other topics without compromising the effect? 

[38:19]  What is your advice to facilitators to achieve results, foster connection and fight egos?    


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