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002 – How NLP can help you become a better facilitator – with Margreet Jacobs


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In this episode, I talk to Margreet Jacobs, a master practitioner of neurolinguistics programming (NLP) and speaker’s coach. We talk about the similarities between speaking in front of an audience and hosting a workshop. How can we overcome the fear of speaking up? How can we make sure that our content resonates with the audience? How can we keep them engaged?

Margreet runs Presentiv, a coaching agency that helps leaders to deliver talks that would change how their audience feels and acts. Margreet used to be a professional dancer and dance teacher. Today, she is a speaker herself and a constant source of wise inspiration. 

In the show, Margreet shares how speakers and facilitators can become more confident by making sure they start with the end in mind. By being clear about the purpose of a speech or a workshop we can shift our mindset and engage our audience.   

Don’t miss the hands-on advice, tips and tricks and Margreet’s multiple ready-to-use value bombs that will inspire you to deliver workshops that work. 


Questions and Answers


[1:01] How did you shift from being a dancer to becoming a speaker’s coach?

[8:52] How you tackle workshop participants’ fear of speaking up?

[12:00] How can we make sure that every participant is aware of their contribution?

[17:19] How does the fear of success get into our way?

[21:29] What was your “perfect failure”  in a workshop context and how did you fix it?

[23:10] How can you make sure that a workshop is giving you positive enegergy instead of draining you? 

[29:06] What can a facilitator do to create a safe space in which participants thrive?

[30:39] How can we deal with “big egos” who would not like to share their vulnerabilities?

[35:00] How can we create an anchor that workshop participants can relate to even time after the workshop?

[37:17] What is the one thing our audience shall remember from this episode?


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