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Episode 014

June 4, 2019

014 – What it takes to be an authentic facilitator – with Lily Gros

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    In this very-early morning and truly authentic show, I speak with Lily Gros, a facilitator, entrepreneur and youtuber. Lily started La Minute Facilitation, her business with which she facilitates workshops for (mostly non-profit) clients, trains facilitators on their mindset and runs her own workshops on authenticity and perfectionism. In the show, we talk about “authenticity 360 degrees” which includes the facilitator and the participants. And, we talk about mindful facilitation which becomes crucial as soon as challenges come up. 

    Don’t miss our very honest exchange on how we dealt with challenging situations. These lessons we learned will surely inspire you to anticipate problems so that you can make your workshops work. 

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    Questions and Answers

    1:37 What are your different roles as a facilitator? 

    7:36 Authenticity became quite a buzzword. How do you define it and what does it mean to you? 

    10:54 How did you learn to be authentic? 

    12:43 How did you come up with this topic?

    15:16 How do get your groups to be more authentic? 

    16:27 You get to know your participants before the workshop? 

    17:30 What would be an icebreaker for a “cold” group of participants?

    21:35 Why does it feel so scary to be authentic? 

    24:21 How do you approach the puzzle that a team might accept imperfection and vulnerability and still show high performance? 

    31:34 How do you test the water in terms of openness of your participants?

    34:20 How did you manage to create the safe space after this tricky situation? 

    41:02 What is your way of dealing with such a difficult participant? 

    45:05 What makes a workshop work?

    47:55 What shall the audience remember from the show?


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    Connect to Lily

    on LinkedIn 

    Follow Lily: @laminutefacilitation