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027 – Beyond the spreadsheet-brain: How to invoke participants’ brains, hearts and bellies? – with Tenneson Woolf

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On episode 027, I talk to Tenneson Woolf, a facilitator, workshop leader, teacher, blogger, and coach. Tenneson is committed to improving the quality of collaboration and imagination for groups, teams, and organizations. And, you can hear that and learn from that on the podcast.

Tenneson and I speak about the art of facilitation in general and what it takes to help individuals to collectively imagine and collaborate. We also spend time clarifying semantics, such as the differences between being a facilitator and a host and the meaning of “honest meetings”.

I particularly enjoyed our conversation about different art forms and how to use them to stimulate creative brains. Throughout the show, you will learn how to help participants to turn off their spreadsheet-brain to invoke their hearts and bellies.

Don’t miss the part when Tenneson reads out a poem and guides us through the steps on how to use it as an insightful ice-breaker. His multiple examples that will inspire you to deliver workshops that work. 

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Questions and Answers


[2:27] When did you start calling yourself a "facilitator"?

[5:15] If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

[5:56] What makes a meeting "honest"?

[8:42] What would be a "dishonest" meeting?

[16:33] How does a facilitator help the group to fully explore a topic without derailing? 

[20:37] How do you assure that everyone is aligned on the workshop purpose and topic?

[23:51] What does it take to help people to be "smarter together"?

[31:26] You use poems to start business meetings/ workshops - Can you share how you do that and why?

[40:35] What's your favourite exercise?

[46:44] What shall a listener remember from our conversation?


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