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Episode 030

October 16, 2019

030 – The day after! How to effectively document to achieve results – with Mireille Beumer

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    In this episode, I talk to Mireille Beumer, an engineer by training and facilitator by passion and profession. In her roles, Mireille facilitates the process of knowledge transfer between people. And, she trains facilitators to master the skill. 

    On the show, we speak about the nitty-gritty bits of workshop documentation. The day after the workshop is the most difficult and most neglected one. What can we do to make it easy for groups and for workshop sponsors to keep the momentum and to follow up? Mireille shares valuable advice on what it takes to effectively capture the outcomes so that they translate into action. 

    You will learn how to “write” workshop minutes that catch the recipient’s attention. And Mireille shares how you can get the participants to create their own documentation in an effective and fun way! 

    Do you want to know why you don’t need a gym when working with Mireille? Then, stay tuned until the end and keep your pen and notebook ready: you’ll surely need it! 

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    Questions and Answers

    1:01 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    2:34 What is the difference between a facilitator and a coach?

    4:11 How does your background in engineering impact the way you facilitate collaboration?

    5:49 If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

    7:10 What’s your favourite exercise to “bring power to the meeting”? 

    10:20 How would you deal with the situation where too many participants state that they have a busy mind and don’t want to be in that meeting?

    11:48 Do you allow participants to join late?

    14:33 What are the key skills of a professional facilitator? 

    19:54 How do you document your workshop results?

    24:09 Do you use a template to capture the results in the form of a story?

    27:01 How can you help teams to keep momentum? What comes after documentation?

    28:46 Does the follow-up workshop need the facilitator or can it be done by the group/ manager?

    29:04 What is the best timing for the follow-up session?

    29:33 How do you prepare a follow-up with your client? 

    31:19 How much time do you plan for the closing?

    35:02 What are the steps you need to take to make sure the follow-up becomes easy?

    37:46 What’s your responsibility in terms of follow-up? Where is the line between facilitator and project manager?

    39:50 You refer to 4-hours workshops. Do you believe in 8-hours sessions?

    45:16 How can we capture results that will be read?

    48:31 From your experience what makes a workshop fail?

    49:37 What would you like the listeners to remember from our conversation?

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