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Episode 035

November 20, 2019

035 – How to make virtual workshops work – with Wayne Turmel

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    On episode 035, I speak to Wayne Turmel, expert of virtual facilitation and co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute about the struggles and challenges when it comes to virtual workshops. Wayne explains clearly what it takes to make the transition from the physical into the virtual space successful and what many of us still get wrong.

    You will learn what mistakes to avoid, how to practice and what features to use so that your next virtual meeting becomes as engaging and effective as if participants were physically present.   

    Don’t miss the part when Wayne explains why hybrid meetings (when some participants join virtually) should be forbidden and how you can still make them work using the right techniques and tools

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    Questions and Answers

    2:24 What is the magic skill a facilitator needs to master virtual workshops?

    5:09 What would be your advice to get out of our own head and over that hump?

    12:08 According to you, which is the most underused feature?

    17:44 We spoke about virtual classrooms and meetings until now, to what extent are things different when we talk about virtual team meetings or workshops?

    25:05 What is your favourite virtual workshop exercise to engage participants? 

    30:08 How can you create meaningful connections among the participants in a virtual space? 

    32:57 How can you facilitate this process? How can we make it easier for the participants? 

    35:11 How would you deal with workshops where only some participants join virtually? 

    38:27 How do you document a virtual workshop? 

    45:16 What ground rules do you set for a workshop and which do you consider most important? 

    47:35 What do you do if participants are late? 

    48:01 What are the ground rules you would define in session one? 

    49:40 What is the minimum equipment one would need to start an online workshop? 



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