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040 – What if we could not use sticky notes? – with Tamara Eberle


Part one: Serious games

Part two: Workshops without sticky notes

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On episode 040, I speak with Tamara Eberletrainer and facilitator of Design Charrettes and Organizational Game Designs. Our interview comes in two parts: one introduction into serious games and one deep dive into a world without sticky notes! 

In part one, we speak about "serious games" as an alternative to the usual workshop design. You will learn the difference between 'gamification' of a process and a 'serious game' used to clarify or define a process. Tamara also answers the question for what kind of questions and challenges games can be a suitable option. Since serious games help the group to suspend reality and approach their topic from a new angle, they might not be for everyone. So, don't miss the part when Tamara explains how to distinguish "game-clients" and "non-game clients" and what it takes to turn the latter into the former.

In part two, we dive deeply into the conversations about sticky notes: what makes them such an inherent part of almost every workshop and what can we do if we weren't allowed to use any?

Don't miss the part when Tamara shares her anecdotes about a client who asked her to design a 3-days workshop without a single sticky note!

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Questions and Answers (Part 2)


[8:55] How much flexibility in terms of agenda adjustments do games leave to the facilitator?

[15:43] How can we replace the unconscious, cultural role that sticky notes play in our facilitation routines?

[18:37] Sticky notes are a great tool for introverts. How can you replace that?? 

[26:45] What's your favourite (non-game) exercise?

[33:03] What makes a workshop fail? 

[39:40] What shall the listener take away from our conversation?   


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