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044 – What is the role of facilitation in the future of HR – with Enrique Rubio


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On episode 044 I speak with Enrique Rubio, founder of Hacking HR - the fastest growing online community of HR professionals.

This show is different compared to the other podcast episodes as we don't explicitly speak about workshops and workshop facilitation. Instead, we dive deep into the topic of the Future of Work and the future of HR and the role of facilitation in both.   

Enrique shares his vision of the role of HR in the Future of Work and the role that methods such as agile and Design Thinking play. As a facilitator of a huge online community, Enrique tells what it takes him to build bridges between the national chapters of the community and to share information easily. 

Don’t miss the part when Enrique refers to the TV show Friends and what he learned from it about leadership.

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Questions and Answers 


[1:35] What’s the story behind “Hacking HR”? 

[4:38] In your imagination, what is the future of HR?

[7:10] From what you are saying, does it mean that HR will become more of a facilitator in the future?

[7:59] Would you call yourself a facilitator?

[8:24] When did you realise that you were more interested in HR than in engineering? And when did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

[10:01] Why did you call the movement Hacking HR and not "Disrupting HR"?

[14:39] What is the space you need to create to enhance such conversations about the future of work?

[16:28] How can you assure that "Hacking HR" doesn't remain an echo-chamber? 

[20:02] Is HR using the wrong language for being heard by the leadership?   

[22:14] To what extent can Design Thinking enable HR to better address the leadership??

[26:11] Would that require HR to develop a “facilitation skill”?

[28:16] What does it take to facilitate such a large online community?

[30:30] How do you create the space for sharing beyond the technical aspects? How do you create an atmosphere for sharing?

[33:56] Are you applying organizational models such as Holacracy to the coordination of your chapters?

[34:24] Do you have a hack to stop hierarchy from avoiding people to ask questions in the workshops space?

[35:20] Is there any other way to address critical conversations with the leadership being present?

[36:35] In a movement of almost 100 self-organizing chapters, how do you make decisions and set priorities?

[38:03] How did the process of co-creating a conference agenda with the entire community work?

[38:48] How do you facilitate such a conversation where there are many equal opinions and no right or wrong answer?

[43:15] Would these leadership characteristics also apply to facilitators?

[44:22] What’s your favourite exercise?

[45:58] What makes an online gathering fail?

[47:12] How do you make sure that people will participate in the call and feel invited?

[50:48] Is there anything you would like to share that we haven’t talked about yet?

[52:12] what shall the listener take away from our conversation?


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