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045 – How to create unpredictable workshop experiences (that predictably work) – with Leanne Hughes


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On episode 045 I speak with Leanne Hughes, my "(nearly) facilitation twin", public speaker, trainer and, fellow podcast host. Leanne travels the world to deliver workshop experiences that help participants to co-create results that exceed expectations. 

We cover a lot of ground and speak about the habits of facilitators and our mindsets, we speak about the meaning of showing up (as opposed to showing off) and the relevance of consistent social media presence. Leanne shares what she has learned from instructional design and now applies to her workshop design. Namely, she designs for contrasts and uses existing contrasts to make workshops work.  
Don’t miss the part when Leanne shares her learnings from one of her first workshops: When one participant decided not to participate. Tune in to learn how she reacted back then and what Leanne would do differently if she were to face the same situation today. 
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Questions and Answers 


[1:53] How did you get into facilitation and podcasting? 

[4:20] Do you recall the moment when you called yourself a facilitator for the first time?

[6:16] If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

[6:32] What does it mean to you to show up?

[9:33] What have you learned from 100 episodes on the First Time Facilitator podcast?

[12:38] What’s your advice to a first time facilitator?

[15:20] What would you consider your own uniqueness as a facilitator?

[17:27] Who did you get feedback from to improve your facilitation skills? 

[19:11] What do you mean by “contrast”?   

[22:33] Would you design for contrast or use the contrast that exists already in the room?

[23:38] What is your strategy to bring the spark of energy back into the room?

[25:43] How do you prepare for contrast in a workshop that you facilitate abroad?

[29:55] Hierarchy is a big contrast. How would you prepare for a workshop where a large hierarchical difference will be present?

[32:57] How much “training" would you allow a facilitator during a workshop?

[34:57] What’s your silver bullet exercise?

[43:14] What is it that your clients hire you for?

[48:14] What makes a workshop fail?

[50:47] How would you deal with such a situation today?

[52:03] Would you facilitate workshops that were designed by someone else?

[56:24] What would you like the audience to remember?


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