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Episode 047

February 12, 2020

047 – Outputs and Outcomes: The Two Sides of Workshop Results – with Tim Ferguson

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    What does it really mean to have a successful workshop, meeting, or event?

    The answer lies with the end-result. What do people gain when they attend your workshop or event? Do they walk away with a tangible output (e.g. plans or decisions)? Or, do they leave with an outcome (e.g. a feeling or vision) instead?

    Tim Ferguson is the CEO of Audience, a creative and strategic agency specialising in live meetings and internal communications. Tim joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about outcomes and outputs in more detail. We discuss the importance of understanding your audience, knowing our boundaries as facilitators, setting priorities, and so much more.

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    Questions and Answers

    01:55  When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    08:49  What is the difference between a trainer and a facilitator?

    11:05  Would you rather refer to yourself as a trainer, facilitator, or coach?

    12:50  What hashtag would you give yourself with all these hats that you’re wearing?

    15:30  What is the advantage of having a new leader joining a workshop, as opposed to a meeting where everyone can also contribute?

    17:41  What would be your tools to drive a meaningful outcome and a meaningful output in a workshop or in a meeting?

    22:16  What are the consequences of each priority? And, how would you facilitate this process?

    26:33  What does it take to create trust and how do you make sure that trust develops?

    31:14 Does it always need to be the leader to break this vicious circle of distrust and dishonesty?

    35:08 Would you rather coach a leader who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…or would you find another facilitator?

    38:44  Is it possible to achieve a sustainable output without having the outcomes that go along with it?

    40:11  What is the perfect recipe to fail a workshop?

    41:51  Why is it important to have a chapter on facilitation in a corporate presenter’s handbook?

    45:07  What would you like the audience to take away from this discussion?

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