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048 – Workshop Facilitation Through The Lens Of Photography – with Markus Püttmann

Workshop Facilitation Through The Lens Of Photography - with Markus Püttmann



No two facilitators are the same in the way they run their workshops – or in who they are outside of being a facilitator. For Markus Püttmann, the interplay of his other interests and skills have helped to develop an effective and unique approach to workshops.

What if you used your skills and interests to create a better workshop experience for your participants?

That’s what Markus has achieved by integrating photography and facilitation.

His fascinating approach to workshop facilitation has inspired me to analyse where I could introduce unique elements of myself into my workshops in a way that is non-intrusive and organic to the process we are working through.

If you would like to explore how you might introduce your skills and interests to your workshops or are simply interested to learn how Markus integrates photography and facilitation in his, this episode will leave you with lots to reflect on.

Although I highly recommend keeping a pen and paper at hand to take notes, you can also just download mine!

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Questions and Answers 


[01:30] When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

[03:47] How do you see the role of a facilitator in stopping projects from failing?

[05:06] How do you understand the role of photography in facilitation?

[08:43] What is the role of photography in your workshops?

[11:09] Do you use photography before, during, or after the workshop?

[13:21] What are the pros and cons of using photography in workshops?

[15:24] Is there a difference between using photography and other visual prompts (like image cards, abstract art, emoticons)?

[16:28] What is an example of a question you would ask along with using a picture?

[18:03] How do you know when to change your approach when you meet a group?

[20:07] How do you help a group become more relaxed and open-minded?

[23:30] What have you learned about facilitation through being a photographer?

[29:17] What have you learned about photography through being a facilitator?

[31:35] If you had a hashtag, what would it be?

[32:59] Do you ever interview or survey your participants before a workshop?

[36:55] What is your favourite exercise?

[39:01] Have you ever asked participants to bring their own photographs to the workshop?

[39:20] What is the funniest item a participant has brought to a workshop?

[40:32] What does a failed workshop look like to you?

[42:17] Can you think of an analogy between photography and workshops?

[46:09] Is there anything else you want to mention before the end of this conversation?

[47:24] What is one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?

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