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Episode 050

March 4, 2020

050: What Happens When You Get 11 Facilitators into an Organised but Unstructured Group Conversation?

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    50 episodes of Workshops Work – wow! What a joy every episode has been. Thank you for joining me on this journey – whether this is your first or fiftieth time listening.

    To mark this milestone, I brought together ten Workshops Work alumni for a fishbowl discussion about facilitation.

    We covered a range of topics in such detail, it’s a struggle to summarise it in these show notes. If you are interested in hearing what a room of facilitators has to say about the complexities, joys, and novelties of our profession, I am very happy to present to you this episode.

    Thank you again for helping me on my journey to 50 episodes. Here’s to the next milestone…

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    Questions and Answers

    03:23 How do you ensure everyone in the room has the same understanding? Do you do so before or during a workshop?

    08:08 How do you make sure everyone has a role?

    11:51 What is your experience of wanting to act as a facilitator but knowing that you should not?

    13:10 How do you deal with having assumptions about participants?

    14:41 Neutrality and conflict

    21:52 How do you make space for people in a fair and balanced way?

    25:39 Neutrality, readiness, and being present

    30:51 Reflecting on the experience of the fishbowl

    40:54 What brings you the most joy from the transformation in the room of your workshops?

    41:56 Coming back to discomfort

    49:21 What do you do to limit yourself and avoid taking too much space when speaking?

    51:54 Do you have any short lines you use to transfer power in the room?

    53:11 Checking in on the participant’s experiences of the discussion