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Episode 059

May 6, 2020

059: From Agile Coaching to Conscious Facilitation with Nisaar Jagroep

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    It is my pleasure to bring you this episode of Workshops Work, featuring Nisaar Jagroep. Nisaar is a master of Agile (though is too humble to call himself that!), and a leading proponent of Conscious Leadership.

    In his interview on Workshops Work, we dive into the details of Agile workshop design, the importance of having “the right people” in the room, and what Conscious Leadership looks like in organisations and hierarchies.

    It was a real delight to learn more about these topics. I hope you will feel the same by the time the episode is over.

    Find out about

    • Nisaar’s journey to facilitation via coaching and Agile, and how the three intermingle in his practice today
    • Why making processes small makes change more achievable
    • How to flatten the room, with an Agile twist
    • What Conscious Leadership is, how we can apply it in organisations, and why it’s so important
    • What Nisaar believes the future of facilitation is

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    Questions and Answers

    01:17 Did you call yourself a coach or a facilitator first?

    03:39 What do you understand by ‘Agile’?

    05:44 How do you make work “as small as possible”?

    09:20 How do you use Agile to design a workshop?

    11:33 What is your favourite tool or exercise?

    19:28 How would you design a workshop when you have big differences in hierarchy?

    23:56 What makes a workshop fail?

    26:50 Who are “the right people” to have in a workshop and how do you make sure they are in the room?

    31:19 Can you explain Conscious Leadership?

    41:24 What is the future of facilitation?

    43:44 How would meetings change if every participant had an awareness of facilitation?

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