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Episode 061

May 20, 2020

061: What Facilitation Without Agenda Really Means and How to Make It Work with Nadja Petranovskaja

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    Imagine turning up to a workshop to find there is no agenda.

    You haven’t walked into a nightmare – quite the opposite, in fact! No Agenda is an innovative approach that Nadja champions to great success.

    If you want to know how to encourage groups to own their own responsibility to connect, create, and change, then you’ll want to hear more about running workshops with no agendas from Nadja.

    Find out about

    • Nadja’s journey to facilitation and the experiences that have shaped her practice
    • Why identifying the group’s “why” is the starting point of a meaningful workshop
    • How to effectively run a workshop with no agenda
    • How Nadja is navigating the shift to virtual workshops
    • How to take the BarCamp structure and apply it in corporate settings

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    Questions and Answers

    00:52 What’s on your mind right now?

    02:36 What helps facilitators cope in a pandemic?

    04:39 What have you consciously unlearned from your early facilitation training?

    07:13 How do you structure outputs in a workshop with no agenda?

    11:47 Do you prepare groups for this?

    13:23 How do you make sure every voice is heard?

    18:03 What is your favourite exercise to help bring structure to complexity?

    21:39 What would your advice be to facilitators who are interested in running workshops with no agenda?

    24:38 What makes a workshop fail?

    28:10 How have No Agenda workshops coped with moving online during the pandemic?

    31:35 Can you explain what a BarCamp is?

    34:41 What is the difference between a BarCamp and a world café in corporate settings?

    38:29 How do your clients react if you tell them there is no agenda?

    40:44 Is there anything else you want to bring up?

    42:46 Would you create another version of your WonderCards for virtual facilitation?

    46:46 What is one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?

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