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Episode 067

July 1, 2020

067: How Strengths-Based Facilitation can Improve the Results of your Workshop with Murray Guest

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    Everyone has their strengths, but not everyone gets to work in a way that is congruent with them. Well, that is unless they attend one of Murray Guest’s workshops.

    Murray is a strengths-based facilitator with a litany of qualifications and a lifetime of experience in helping teams work to their individual and collective strengths, facilitating lasting change in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

    But strengths-based facilitation is a nuanced practice and isn’t what some people might believe it to be. I wanted to dive deeper into what this practice looks like and uncover the lessons we can all take from it to enhance our own work.

    Find out about

    • What strengths-based facilitation is and how Murray practices it
    • Why strengths-based workshops are at their best when they are flexible and responsive
    • Why embedding learning is the only way to truly deliver lasting results
    • How enforced remote work is helping and harming teams, and what we can do to shape a new normal that is healthy and productive for everyone
    • Why challenges and care are interlinked, and are blunted without each other

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    Questions and Answers

    01:42 When did you first call yourself a facilitator?

    07:21 How can we manage our energy as facilitators to prevent our participants feeling discomfort?

    11:23 What does strengths-based facilitation mean?

    21:43 Would you design a workshop around the participants’ strengths?

    22:34 How do you use strength-finding tools to drive outcomes?

    26:41 How can we take some of the communication skills and practices we have learned in remote work back to our offices?

    33:27 Why are certain conversations harder in virtual spaces?

    39:03 What makes a workshop fail?

    42:29 What is your favourite exercise?

    49:13 Is there anything else you wanted to share?

    52:26 What is the one takeaway you want listeners to have?

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