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068: Use Your Facilitation Superpowers to become a Better Public Speaker with Sarah McVanel

Use Your Facilitation Superpowers to become a Better Public Speaker with Sarah McVanel

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Sarah McVanel is a recognition expert, a public speaker, a facilitator… and she thinks that we are “mutts”.

Put your pitchforks down, this is a good thing – and she explains herself beautifully!

Sarah’s perspective on the transferable skills in facilitation will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. You might even be happy to call yourself a mutt!

Sarah has successfully pivoted to work as a public speaker (as well continuing as a facilitator and recognition expert) and believes that facilitators are uniquely placed to transfer into other fields.

Listen to the episode to find out:

  • Why facilitators are ‘mutts’ – and why that is a wonderful thing!
  • Why recognition is a superpower we all have without knowing it
  • How facilitators have some amazing transferable skills for public speaking
  • What Sarah believes facilitators can learn from public speakers
  • What it means to ‘FROG’ and some examples of how Sarah practices this beautiful act

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Questions and Answers 


[01:27] When did you first call yourself a facilitator?

[06:29] What is a ‘savvy facilitator’?

[08:47] What would your hashtag be?

[14:21] What is a recognition expert?

[18:11] How can we better recognise others – and how do you teach this when you speak on stage?

[31:22] How did you get into speaking from facilitation?

[36:55] Did your facilitation skills make you a better public speaker, or vice versa?

[45:26] What do you wish you had known before you started a career in speaking?

[51:50] What makes a workshop fail?

[56:38] What is the one thing you want listeners to take away?


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