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Episode 071

July 29, 2020

071: Forum Theatre as a Facilitation Tool to Understand Human Interactions with Pernille Jacobsen

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    Forum Theatre is a unique approach to facilitation – creating space for change and reflection through creativity, play, and certainly some bravery (to begin with!)

    Though the concept fascinates me, I have not had the chance to explore it in as much detail as I would have liked to. To have Pernille Jacobsen, a brilliant facilitator and Forum Theatre practitioner, join me on workshops work gave me the opportunity to change that – and I was not left disappointed.

    Forum Theatre and facilitation share many similarities, but cast the other in new lights when considered as two halves of a ‘whole’.

    Find out about

    • What makes Forum Theatre unique and so impactful
    • How Forum Theatre works on a practical level, and how Pernille uses it in a facilitative setting
    • What Forum Theatre has taught Pernille as a facilitator, and what facilitation has taught her as a Forum Theatre practitioner
    • How, if at all, Forum Theatre can be translated in a virtual environment
    • What facilitation and Forum Theatre might look like in the future
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    Questions and Answers

    01:11 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    03:03 What would your hashtag be?

    05:47 Can you explain more about Forum Theatre?

    09:19 Are participants actively involved in scenes from the beginning, or do you take the lead on the performance and bring them in afterwards?

    18:38 Do participants play themselves or put themselves in others’ shoes?

    21:00 How do you debrief in Forum Theatre?

    24:09 Do you combine Forum Theatre with other types of facilitation?

    25:21 What have you learned about facilitation from Forum Theatre, and vice versa?

    29:00 How do you brief a group before starting a Forum Theatre workshop?

    38:02 What makes workshops fail?

    42:32 How do you translate Forum Theatre into a virtual environment?

    45:08 Are participants more willing or reluctant online?

    48:44 What is your vision for Forum Theatre in 2021?

    52:42 What one thing would you like listeners to take away from this episode?