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Episode 072

August 5, 2020

072: An Introduction to Systemic Coaching and Facilitating Constellations with Laura Beckingham

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    Why would I invite “the exact opposite of an Executive Coach” and, as her clients describe her, “a witch” to speak on workshops work?

    Because Laura Beckingham is a beautifully clear-minded thinker who has provided me with more provocation, intrigue, and inspiration than most people I have known in life!

    As a highly-experienced Systemic Coach, Laura uses constellations (and many other practices) to create space for reflection and change for Executive teams and leaders.

    If some, or all, of those words are unclear to you, Laura has an enviable talent for explaining the complexities of Systemic coaching with perfect clarity and nuance.

    What I am absolutely clear on is the fact you will find a lot of value in this episode of workshops work. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

    Find out about

    • What Systemic coaching is
    • How families and businesses share some similarities
    • Why long-term change has to be holistic and made within the context of a person’s entire life
    • Why Systemic Coaches – and facilitators in general – are a constant work in progress
    • How alchemy, physicality, and incrementality combine to create great coaching
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    Questions and Answers

    01:29 What is the difference between a guided coach and a facilitator?

    04:26 What inspired you to run your own business?

    05:30 What is systemic coaching and how did you get started in it?

    08:19 How do you differentiate the ‘constellation’ part and the ‘coaching’ part?

    10:27 What do you mean when you say “respecting the orders of time”?

    13:35 What similarities do families and businesses share?

    18:41 Can you talk more about constellations?

    25:17 What does it take to be an effective systemic coach?

    31:52 How do you manage the responsibility that comes with ‘unblocking’ things and providing closure to your clients?

    39:32 How do you build trust with people so they let you in as their guide and coach?

    44:14 If you don’t work with questions, what is the alternative?

    46:44 What makes a workshop fail?

    48:26 Do you have a favourite exercise?

    51:56 How do you demonstrate that everything is welcome in the room?

    58:19 If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

    58:56 Is there anything else you wanted to bring to the conversation?

    01:00:45 What is the one thing you’d like listeners to take away from this episode?