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074: Rules of Talking: what we can learn from sports teams about communication with Tim Harkness

Rules of Talking: what we can learn from sports teams about communication with Tim Harkness

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Competitive spirits, high stakes, cut-throat attitudes… Boardrooms and changing rooms have more in common than we might first think.

Tim Harkness, one of the world’s preeminent sports psychologists and author of the fantastic book 10 Rules for Talking, joins me in this week’s episode of workshops work to share the lessons he’s learned from the top sports teams around the world – and how we might apply them to teams in corporate environments.

Hearing about Tim’s experiences at the very top of various professional sports was fascinating and I found the opportunity to explore and cross-pollinate these ideas with examples and experiences from facilitation was immensely valuable.

I am sure you will find it to be the same.

If you listen to this episode, you will find out about:

  • Where Tim’s fascination with conversation came from and how he became one of the leading experts in the field
  • What the differences are between one-on-one and group conversations
  • How we can all have better conversations
  • What facilitators and business leaders can learn from the biggest sports teams on the biggest stages
  • Tips for creating better conversations with challenging interlocutors

Although I highly recommend keeping a pen and paper at hand to take notes, you can also just download mine!

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Questions and Answers 

[00:49] When did you first become interested in conversations?

[04:41] Do different rules apply with one-on-one and group conversations?

[09:43] What makes it easy or difficult to follow the process of an effective conversation?

[12:46] How do I know what the accurate response will be?

[20:57] How would you recommend we have better conversations?

[24:22] What have you observed from sports teams that can apply to businesses?

[30:35] How do you help groups to communicate better using your rules for talking?

[37:06] What is the best way to deal with someone who won’t stop talking and dominates conversations?

[40:57] What makes a workshop fail?

[46:13] How do you create psychological safety in such highly competitive individuals?

[51:53] What is your favourite exercise?

[59:55] What is the one thing you would like listeners to takeaway from this episode?






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