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Episode 076

September 2, 2020

076: Facilitating powerful personal transformations with Júlio Maria Muhorro

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Knowledge is one of the universal currencies with which we trade – we enrich each other with the knowledge we share and facilitate, but what are the secrets of truly effective knowledge sharing?

I have wanted to speak to Júlio Maria Muhorro for a long time, and this topic felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. Júlio is a man of so many talents and roles, it is hard to summarise him and his career as a trainer. One of the best ways to introduce Júlio is that he is the only Mozambican listed in 2019’s 100 Most Influential Young Africans.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how esteemed Júlio is as a trainer, leader, and person!

Find out about

  • How Júlio adapted after being named one of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans
  • Why personal experience and relatability is essential if we want learning to stick
  • What learners and trainers can do to strengthen knowledge retention
  • Why time for reflection is one of the most powerful tools any facilitator can have
  • What the three goals are that trainers should aim to achieve for a successful workshop
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Questions and Answers

01:27 What got you into training and when did you call yourself a facilitator?

04:32 Is it about the groups sharing knowledge with each other or is it a movement where you share knowledge with the world?

05:23 What is it about knowledge sharing that becomes different when it’s within one group as opposed to knowledge sharing travelling from the US to Africa and vice versa?

14:32 You were nominated as one of the 100 most influential young people in Africa, what is the story behind that?

18:15 What was the impact of this achievement on your mission to share knowledge?

21:04 In times where knowledge is available online, what is the value that you deliver in-person?

23:48 What can you (as a 25-year-old) teach me about strategy?

31:15 What is getting in the way of knowledge sharing?

35:51 What are you doing in your training to make sure that the emotional knowledge gain remains after the workshop?

41:12 What is your favourite exercise for a group?

43:59 What makes a workshop fail?

52:17 Is there anything we have not touched upon that you would like to share?