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Episode 079

September 23, 2020

The mindset and toolset to get your creativity rolling with Melissa Dinwiddie

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    Whether you’re hosting a physical or virtual meeting, the last thing you want to do is put the audience to sleep! If you want to keep people engaged (and wide awake) during meetings, you’ve got to unleash your inner creative genius and let your creativity shine.
    Melissa Dinwiddie is a Creativity Instigator (and a creative genius!) who teaches people how to turn their creative taps on so that they can live a life full of colour and intrigue. I couldn’t wait to talk to Melissa about all things creative, especially when it comes to virtual meetings.
    In this episode, I take full advantage of having such a creative genius on the podcast and ask her all of the questions I know you want to hear the answers to. We cover everything from how to lead non-boring virtual meetings to defeating the comparison gremlin! I hope you enjoy this colourful interview as much as I did!

    Find out about

    • Why online meetings can be boring and what to do about it!
    • How to be a good leader
    • How to avoid falling into the “comparison trap”
    • A useful mirroring exercise for leadership and listening
    • How to keep people engaged
    • The ‘golden formula’ to everything good

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    Questions and Answers


    Will you share when you started to call yourself a facilitator?


    How do you define creativity and what does it mean to be stuck on the creativity path?


    Do you think it’s a matter of age and maturity, or is it a matter of the craft?


    How was your journey of feeling as a facilitator of training this creative muscle and creating a workshop experience or learning experience for your clients?


    What do you tell your clients when they fall into the comparison trap and self-sabotage their creativity?


    Do you think there are more gremlins when working online in this working from home environment?


    Why do most of online meetings suck?


    What is your favourite exercise?


    Who determines whether it is right or wrong?


    What makes a bad workshop?


    How can you keep people engaged without making it a stressful experience?


    Can you give an example of a time when you de-brief with the group about what they have learned?


    What are the things you miss doing in the physical space that you cannot do on Zoom?


    with the upcoming Zoom option of building circles, is it really about the circle or it the magic that happens when you’re sitting in a circle?


    What does a full day online workshop look like?


    To what extent have you received feedback that it’s awkward to see each other working on a virtual meeting?


    What is the definition of a creative facilitator?


    If you could give one piece of advice for getting unstuck and start having non-boring online meetings, what would it be?


    Is there anything we haven’t touched on yet that you would like to share?


    What is the key takeaway from our conversation?

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