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082: Facilitator, find your message. A visual workshop with Ingrid Lill

Facilitator, find your message. A visual workshop with Ingrid Lill

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Are you still searching for your message? The terminology we use as facilitators may seem confusing for some of our clients. We must discover and use the right language that our audience understands, and this starts by considering the big picture of a brand.

I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode of workshops work because I’m joined by the incredible Ingrid Lill, a top brand strategist who helps coaches and consultants turn “confusing lingo into a clear message” that their client can understand.

Together, we talk about creative ways that you can better understand your clients and vice versa. We also discuss how you can use a “thinking pen” to help visualize a brand’s story and find your message.

Find out about:

  • What a brand strategist does and how they facilitate
  • Why you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes
  • How to gain a better understanding of your clients
  • How to use the “thinking pen” to find your message
  • Why you should avoid using technical language in your messaging
  • A fun exercise to help you better understand your clients


You can meet Ingrid and other guests at the NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Festival on November 20th, 2020.

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Questions and Answers

[01:34] When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

[02:24] What does a brand strategist do?

[08:31] What is it that we don’t understand in our approach to better understanding our clients?

[10:23] Why do you draw the brand message instead of discussing it?

[16:11] What did you learn from your time as a graphic facilitator about hearing what really matters to your clients?

[17:55] How can we speak better to our clients, potential leads, and the sponsors of our workshops?

[18:54] How can we find out what we should be communicating with clients?

[21:48] Do you think that it’s different gaining a connection with your clients in-person vs. a video conference?

[23:59] What do we get wrong about user-centricity?

[26:39] How can we really differentiate ourselves?

[28:15] What makes a workshop fail?

[31:39] What is the difference in communication between those who signed up and paid themselves and those who were signed up by someone else?

[32:37] How can we get better at putting ourselves into the shoes of our client?

[37:54] When you put yourself into the shoes of these facilitators who might listen to the podcast, what is the one piece of advice that you would like to give them?

[39:44] What is the key takeaway from our conversation?


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