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Episode 088

November 25, 2020

088: A (Virtual) Museum as a Workshop Space with Roumayne Schepers

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What is art-based learning? And how can art-based learning workshops be successful virtually?

In this episode of workshops work, I find out how we can facilitate deep insights through art and how to overcome the challenges of shifting this intimate workshop experience from a physical museum to a virtual one.

Here to answer all of my questions is Roumayne Schepers, an art-based learning facilitator at Roumayne speaks passionately about her role and reveals how she uses art-based learning to help people develop personally and build strong bonds with their teams.

Listening to her processes was fascinating, and I was especially interested to hear how she’s successfully managed to transition her workshops from in-person to a fully online experience. I hope you find this episode as eye-opening as I did and encourages you to approach art in a new and exciting way.

Find out about

  • What led Roumayne to art-based learning and why she’s considered a facilitator
  • What art-based learning is and what it aims to achieve
  • How participants grow, and often surprise themselves, through the learning process
  • Shifting art-based learning from a museum to an online space
  • How to facilitate the online transition from a personal to a group experience
  • What art-based learning can bring to a team
  • How to facilitate a safe space for sharing ideas
  • What to bear in mind if you’re considering using art in your workshops

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Questions and Answers

01:10 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

02:47 How did you go from the pharmacy to the museum?

05:44 What does art-based learning mean?

07:47 What is art-based learning’s goal?

12:26 How do you choose the artwork?

13:59 How do you choose the question?

16:25 Does art-based learning work online?

17:56 How do you guide the group from a personal to a group experience?

22:08 Is it beneficial if learners know the artwork already? Or is it better to exclude them?

23:18 What is your experience transitioning from offline to online?

27:59 What is your strategy or your favourite exercise to create a safe space?

30:19 How can you find out what’s holding a participant back?

33:00 When you’re sharing stories, do you move as a group from artwork to artwork?

34:18 How do you approach a breakout room without disrupting a potentially intimate conversation?

35:21 What is your role in smaller group discussions?

36:39 What makes a workshop fail?

37:21 How do you create a safe environment?

39:29 What would you recommend for someone who would like to use art in their workshops?

43:35 What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?

46:17 Do you use any exercises to help the group be present before starting the workshop?