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Episode 092

December 23, 2020

092: A Simple Guide to Engaged Online Meetings with Myriam Hadnes

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Do you want to create online meetings that participants actively engage with?

When online meetings fail, it’s almost always because the offline meetings were bad in the first place. If you want every participant to engage with the meeting, you must be intentional from the start. The last thing you want to do is leave anyone out! As the facilitator, you must try and involve all participants by giving them enough opportunities to think, speak, and contribute to the meeting.

In this episode of workshops work, I take you on a journey of discovery and let you in on some of my top tips to create engaging online meetings. I talk about why Zoom fatigue has become a widespread phenomenon and what you can do to ensure your online meetings engage, inspire, and motivate real change.

So, are you ready to put the life back into your online meetings?

If so, I hope this solo episode of the podcast helps you to do just that!

Find out about

  • The real reason why facilitators have bad online meetings
  • Why you need to have intention from the beginning of the meeting for it to be engaging and effective
  • How to actively involve all participants
  • How to host engaging online meetings
  • Why online meetings fail and how to avoid boring meetings
  • Why preparation is so important when hosting an online meeting
  • Why you must allow participants to close the previous task before starting
  • How to give the team lead more headspace to listen and contribute

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