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Episode 094

January 6, 2021

094: How to build your confidence as a facilitator with Lauren Green

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    From exploring human graphs as a way of completing her homework in high school to flourishing as a multidisciplinary facilitator, dancer, and visual consultant, Lauren Green has had the kind of journey I love to learn about. Uniting seemingly disparate worlds, Lauren’s unique perspective on facilitation is as refreshing as it is revelatory.

    She joined me in this episode to discuss how facilitators can become more confident in the nascent world of virtual facilitation, how dance and facilitation have more in common than many would think, and why we should strive for silence, not conversation.

    This episode was such fun to record. If it’s only half as entertaining for you as it was for me, you’re in for an absolute pleasure. I really hope you enjoy it.

    Find out about

    • How to encourage movement when we’re all behind cameras
    • How dance and facilitation move in step together
    • Why the skill of following is just as important as leading
    • How facilitators can build confidence in a world of virtual workshops
    • Three essential roles in virtual workshops
    • Why we should embrace non-verbal communication

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    Questions and Answers

    01:10When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    02:41How did your teacher and your class react to you incorporating facilitation in your project?

    03:45What did you learn from this experience – did it shape your view of facilitation at all?

    05:11How has the shift to virtual facilitation impacted your work and facilitation style?

    08:51Can you explain the origin of your business name – Dancing with Markers?

    14:03What does confidence mean to you, as a facilitator?

    19:41How do you read an online room?

    21:53Can we delegate roles to participants that make them part of the workshop process?

    24:02Why can it sometimes feel so hard to embody “don’t just do something, stand there”?

    29:14What – if anything – is the key difference in mindset and skillset between virtual and on-site facilitators?

    31:07What tools do you use in the lifecycle of preparing, hosting, and closing a workshop?

    37:17Are virtual workshops inherently more vulnerable than on-site ones?

    44:35The importance of dress rehearsals – and disaster rehearsals!

    48:57What makes a workshop fail?

    51:21If you were a hashtag, what would you be?

    53:20What is the one thing you would like listeners to takeaway from this conversation?

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