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Episode 100

February 17, 2021

100: The nuggets that make workshops work

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    100 episodes. (More than) 100 guests. Thousands of listeners. You, here, reading this and listening to this landmark episode.

    To mark this milestone, I turned the microphone towards the workshops work audience and asked if anyone would like to share the moment that has stuck with them most from these first 100 episodes.

    I’ve received 14 beautiful responses that, when taken together, form a bigger picture of the landscape of facilitation. You might be surprised at the varied scenery it captures!

    Thank you for supporting workshops work, for helping to make this show what it is, and for listening – whether this is your first time or your hundredth.

    Find out about

    • The moments that made listeners stop, think, reflect, and grow, including…
    • Understanding the ground rules of facilitation
    • How to develop a facilitator’s mindset
    • The essentials of workshop design
    • What we can learn from other disciplines to improve our facilitation skills

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    Questions and Answers

    00:48Robin: the summary for each episode!

    02:27Anamaria: when Thomas Lahntahler, in episode 39, explained how curiosity and attention can foster psychological safety

    04:10Laure: the fourfold process of hosting, shared by Mary Alice Arthur in episode 58

    06:05Richard: realising that facilitators are like researchers, as I explored in episode 18

    07:36Gabriel: how experiences can create change but challenges help us solve problems, prompted by episode 91 with Shayne Smart

    10:08Annie: when Rein Sevenstern highlighted the importance of making time for reflection, in episode 20

    11:32Júlio: the core truth of facilitation that appears wherever and however we use our skills, taken from many episodes!

    13:33Martijn: that Agile is a mindset, not a framework, as shared by Nisaar in episode 59

    16:30Sonja: that we need to stop having meetings on autopilot and, if we can’t, we need to cancel them, shared powerfully by Gustavo in episode 26

    18:22Joe: learning to Unflatten and find new perspectives on the same problem, thanks to Nick Sousanis in episode 69

    20:19Samantha: why improv can improve our facilitation as much as any study programme or course, shared by Tamar in episode 16

    22:02Nadia: that how we meet matters and that the right setting can be transformational, prompted by Roumayne in episode 88

    23:18 Ana: the concept of ‘the third facilitator’ and how visual notetaking is more than ‘just’ a tool, thanks to Céline in episode 49

    26:30Lucie: when I admitted that I might not have created NeverDoneBefore if I had known quite how much work it would take!

    28:12My thanks to you and an open invitation