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Episode 107

April 7, 2021

107: Unleash your Facilitation Superpowers with Jacob Chromy

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    We use our facilitation skills in our work, but these are universally applicable skills. Negotiating with a toddler, hosting parties, working out which takeout to order!

    Join me and Jacob Chromy in this episode of workshops work to learn how we can apply our facilitation skills in more walks of life – and how people from all walks of life can identify the facilitation skills they’ve been using this whole time!

    It felt so liberating to explore the different ways our tools of the trade can be applied to make a difference in so many ways I hadn’t considered before. This conversation with Jacob really helped me see my work in a new light. I hope it will do the same for you, too!

    Find out about

    • What Jacob learned from product design that he applies to workshop design
    • How Jacob used facilitation skills with local climate groups to great effect
    • How we are using facilitation skills in our daily lives without realising it
    • Exploring barcamps – “ the anti-conference” – and how Jacob uses barcamps as part of in-house peer learning programmes
    • Flattening the room in person and online
    • Why Jacob created ‘family workshops’ and how they are used

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    And if the idea of NeverDoneBefore 2021, the festival of facilitation caught your attention; explore it in more detail!

    Questions and Answers

    01:20When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?03:15What is ‘pen and paper role play’?06:18Did you learn anything from Role Playing Games that apply in your work today?08:05What do you apply from your past in product design to your present in workshop design?19:43What is a barcamp?18:46How does this differ from an open space format?21:48 What has been the impact of the switch to ‘Suddenly Virtual’?27:50Can you explain Troika consulting in a little more detail?34:54How do you use barcamp at quäntchen + glück – what are ‘Donedays’?38:49What makes a workshop fail?40:53Do you treat ‘workshop’ and ‘process’ as synonyms?44:12I feel like I can sense the room in a remote workshop, is that not the same for you?52:49 Could you talk about your family workshops?58:27What is the one thing you would like listeners to takeaway from this episode?


    Doneday’ at quäntchen + glück

    Rolepay/Rollenspiel & Facilitation LinkedIn Group (German)

    Facilitating For Future and Climate Activists – Climate Roundtable (German) and Template


    Open Space

    Troika Consulting

    Connect to Jacob