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Episode 111

May 5, 2021

111: More Space for Innovation through Facilitation with Dan Levy

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    Facilitating innovation in times of need, the world of ‘futuring’, examining greys in a black and white world – these are big topics, but Dan Levy explores them with guile and clarity.

    This is little wonder, as Dan is a deeply-experienced in a variety of fields. Moving from sports media to UX design and later to facilitating strategy and innovation, Dan’s CV is a rich, broad spectrum of fascinating experiences.

    He joins me in this episode to talk about a little bit of everything – from the nuts and bolts of how and why he facilitates innovation workshops to creating wild ideas in the process of ‘futuring’.

    It’s a real smorgasbord of thought-provoking nuggets. Tuck in!

    Find out about

    • How lateral thinking, design, and a little inspiration from his son led Dan to start his business
    • Exploring the grey areas and shades in a world obsessed with black and white choices
    • Understanding innovation as an outcome, not a process
    • Why facilitating innovation in-house should come before outsourcing it
    • Exploring ‘futuring’, its role in facilitation, and vice versa
    • Dan’s methods for empowering clients to get the right people in the room
    • How to deal with dissenting voices in a workshop – and why we shouldn’t simply try to silence them

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    Questions and Answers

    01:01When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? 01:53What is “your world”? 03:35Which is more important in facilitation – confidence or expertise? 09:34What’s the story behind your company’s name – More Space for Light? 13:23What role do shades play in our lives? 18:20What are the opportunities and challenges in facilitating organisational innovation? 23:23What are the opportunities and challenges in facilitating organisational innovation? 29:45Where is the line between the urge to outsource innovation and being forced to innovate? 32:49What is ‘futuring’? 34:40Is it important to invite dissenting voices to a workshop? 36:09What makes a workshop fail? 37:10Whose responsibility is it to make sure the right people are in the room? 39:46Is there a sweet spot for the number of participants in a workshop? 49:12What’s your favourite exercise? 52:40What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?


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