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Episode 115

June 2, 2021

115: How to facilitate a winning culture with Viren Thakrar

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    Every organisation has a culture. Whether its leaders pay attention to it or not. Leaving culture untouched is leaving money on the table and employee satisfaction up to chance.

    That’s why Viren Thakrar founded In The Game – a consultancy that helps organisations build winning cultures, with the helping hand of facilitation.

    Viren joins me in this episode to share the secrets he’s learned from years of work with team leaders and executives, as well as the story of how coaching junior soccer and selling sociometric training helped him hone his unique perspective on facilitation.

    Find out about

    • What it means to have a winning culture
    • What Viren learned about facilitation from junior soccer coaching
    • Why people leaving a business can actually be a measure of growth
    • How to track culture’s impact on organisational success
    • Which games, tools, and concepts Viren uses to facilitate culture
    • The multi-faceted connections that make up our experience of work culture
    • Where we should focus first if we want to build a winning culture

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    Questions and Answers

    01:08When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? If you don’t, what do you call yourself? 03:39When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? 04:27You founded your company – In The Game – what’s the story there? 08:08What did you learn about facilitation from coaching junior soccer? 10:26 How do you define a winning culture? 12:46Can something like personal growth be measured like other business results? If so, how?17:08When is the moment to start working on culture? How do you start the process? 18:26What would your advice be to leaders who want their culture to keep growing? 19:38How would you facilitate the process of growing a better coach instead of a micromanager? 22:41How do you facilitate such a complex, potentially-harmful process? 25:23How does connection relate to building culture? 28:54If there are four key connections, which one would you start working with to develop a winning culture? 34:30What makes a workshop fail? 35:35What is this game, Quinks, about? 37:09How can leaders learn to be better coaches without being told what coaching skills are? 39:05Can you explain the different contexts of Quinks? 44:32How do you close out this game? 46:00How do people start implementing their learnings? 48:00What skills are needed for a successful one-on-one, rather than a team, meeting? 52:43Can Quinks be self-facilitated? 55:45What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?

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