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Episode 124

August 4, 2021

124: Human activation as the foundation of facilitation with Patrick D. Cowden

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    123 episodes later, we return to where it all started.

    In truth, I believe I could have recorded 124 episodes exclusively with Patrick Cowden and we’d still have another 124 episodes’ worth of discussion in us.

    Anyone who has met Patrick – whether in our monthly NeverDoneBeore ‘spa’ sessions, in a client setting, or in passing – can attest to his warmth, vision, and energy.

    We sat down to explore his much-loved and much-lauded method for establishing human connection – his ‘interaction protocol’. We also explore why appreciation is the universal building block and how we can understand the domino effect of interaction, connection, and collaboration.

    And, if that wasn’t enough, you can hear us practice the interaction protocol ‘live’ on the show!

    Find out about

    • What it means to embody ‘beyond’ in life and work
    • The magical 90 second protocol that helps people find themselves and each other in a conversation
    • A live enactment of Patrick’s interaction protocol – between the two of us!
    • What Patrick has learned from over 3,000 sessions using his protocol
    • Why Patrick prioritises appreciation over listening and reacting
    • The fatal tension that Patrick sees in our push for hybrid work
    • Patrick’s advice for anyone who wants to start using the interaction protocol

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    And if the idea of NeverDoneBefore 2021, the community of facilitators, caught your attention; click here to explore it in more detail!

    Questions and Answers

    01:35When did you start calling yourself a facilitator – if, in fact, you do? 03:08When did you start calling yourself a ‘beyonder’ and what does it take to move from facilitator to beyonder? 05:58Are there some key skills or mindsets that we should practice to help groups go ‘beyond’? 09:29What does it take to have your curiosity? How do you get there? 12:51What happens in the 60 to 90 seconds of your interaction protocol? 20:50How do you create the space or people to follow the interaction protocol? How do you articulate the invitation to speak this way with each other? 27:04What have you learned about the protocol, about people, and about yourself after 3,000 sessions? 36:36Why is the three-minute (90s each) window so powerful – what does it permit us? 44:11Why are we seeing such a push towards hybrid working right now? 01:00:58What would your advice be to anyone who wants to take the first step towards practicing the interaction protocol?

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