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Episode 127

August 25, 2021

127: How to set up a successful co-facilitation process with Shoba Chandran

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    Co-facilitation feels like a wonderful, secret club.

    Those who’ve experienced successful co-facilitation understand the impact it has on outcomes, as well as the experience of participants and facilitators alike.

    Those who haven’t often look at it as a ‘nice to have’, rather than an essential tool in the facilitator’s toolkit.

    Shoba Chandran, owner and Founder of the Innovation Matrix and vastly-experienced facilitator, is firmly in the first group – and she’s eager to see more co-facilitation.

    It just so happens that I feel the same way, which leads us perfectly to this knowledge-filled episode of workshops work.

    Listen in to explore what it takes to successfully co-facilitate, how to start if you’ve never tried before, and what to strive for and avoid in co-facilitated workshops.

    Find out about

    • Identifying the boundaries, limits, and benefits of co-facilitation
    • Why successful co-facilitation starts from practically the first conversation
    • What the nuances of the co-facilitator dynamic are and how they show up
    • Why personal connection tends to supersede professional competency
    • How to align with your co-facilitator and set yourselves up for success
    • What to consider if co-facilitating with a someone from the client’s organisation

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    Questions and Answers

    00:57When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? 03:57How did you facilitate innovation in such a command and control environment as the Ministry of Defence? 06:18How did you spread the facilitation mindset? 07:36And how did you break the command and control mindset – in fact, did you at all? 09:17What were your key learnings from this period? 11:48What does co-facilitation mean to you? 14:35Do you always work with the same co-facilitator? If not, how do you select the ‘right’ person? 16:47What is ‘a good attitude’ in relation to co-facilitation? 20:42What are some of the glitches or roadblocks you encounter when co-designing a workshop? 22:58Do you have a process or a template that you use for co-designing workshops? 25:35Have you ever realised after a ‘norming’ conversation that a co-facilitator isn’t aligned with you? 27:38Does the co-facilitation dynamic develop in the same way a team dynamic develops? 34:15Why do you think so many early-career facilitators resist co-facilitation? 38:03What advice would you give to a new facilitator? 40:42What is your experience with co-facilitation with someone client-side? 42:47What makes a workshop fail? 45:25What are some red flags to look out for from clients who want you to ‘facipulate’? (Facilitate + manipulate!) 47:00Do you have a favourite exercise? 51:16Is there anything else you wanted to discuss today?


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