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Episode 131

September 22, 2021

131: Facilitating Joy in Public with Jacques the Party Scientist

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    Fun, connection, acting without inhibition – it’s all part of the joy of being human… and it’s the subject of Jacques Martiquet’s extensive research.

    I should stress, Jacques goes by another name: Jacques the Party Scientist!

    Jacques made it his mission to foster moments of deep human connection in public spaces, to bring strangers together in vulnerability and happiness. You might not be surprised to hear that facilitation is at the heart of its successful implementation!

    Join me and Jacques in this conversation as we explore the mechanics of human connection, the softer side of herd mentality, and what we can do to help people open themselves up to shared experiences of joy and connection.

    Find out about

    • Why synchronicity is fuel to the fire of public joy
    • The steps Jacques follows to facilitate joy in public
    • What an FIQ is and why lowering the barrier to participation can lie in raising the standard
    • Why the success of a workshop hinges on the way we engage with disengagement
    • How incremental, progressive actions can unify a group towards a shared experience they wouldn’t have thought possible
    • The surprising impact physicality has on our self-knowledge, openness, and mood

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    Questions and Answers

    01:40Would you call yourself a facilitator?02:40What triggered you to become a ‘party scientist’ and facilitating human connection?04:52So what does it take to create human connection when we take away social crutches like alcohol?09:08What do you do in public spaces to create a container for people? Is it different to how you’d work with corporate clients? 17:10How do we move from an individual moment of joy to a collective one? 22:25What makes a workshop fail? 25:47What would be your advice for someone working with a disengaged group? 32:08What is an exercise you use to celebrate participants? 34:29How do you move a group from understanding the purpose of a workshop to sharing a party together at the end? 38:16What’s your favourite game? 42:05What would your advice be to someone who wants to bring more joy and ease to their workshops, but doesn’t know where to start? 48:34Where do you get the confidence from to decide to play a song in your workshops? 50:54What’s your ritual to slip into a parasympathetic, positive state of mind?52:46What’s next for you? What’s your vision?54:02What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?


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