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Episode 151

February 9th, 2022

151:Building Culture by Bridging the Trust Gap with David Mead

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    David Mead is made for this podcast – and not because he’s a speaker, consultant, and communicator…

    David’s commitment and insights into leadership have taken him across the world, where he coaches teams and leaders towards closer relationships, stronger cultures, and genuine trust.

    In this episode, we explore what it means to build trust, create consistency, and stepping up into our responsibilities.

    David is an inspiring professional speaker on company culture and leadership today – and you get to enjoy an hour of his wisdom for free.

    Find out about

    • How dissonance between our words and actions sow the seeds of distrust
    • Why leaders need to double down on integrity and responsibility
    • How to design workshops that set and meet your participants’ expectations
    • The three character traits we display that signal we are trustworthy
    • What it means to “show up to give” and why this changes everyone’s experience of your workshop
    • How to find inspiration and prompts to implement behaviour change

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    Questions and Answers

    01:10When did you start calling yourself a facilitator? 02:26Does your facilitation practice sit alongside your work as a trainer? 03:50What (and when) was it that changed your mindset from trainer to facilitator? 06:08What do you think the ‘old’ you as a salesman could learn from you as a facilitator? 07:44And is there anything you’ve learned from training and sales that applies to your facilitation? 10:41What’s the story behind your interest in ‘the trust gap’ – what actually is it? 17:07How do you approach bridging the trust gap? Lowering expectations or doing the hard work? 28:48How do the traits of leadership apply to facilitation, if we feel our workshop has not delivered on its intentions? 33:00Where do you draw the line when it comes to taking responsibility for a workshop’s success? 37:49What makes a workshop fail? 40:09 Can we train ourselves to carry more leadership traits, or is it a matter of maturity and time? 44:43Do you have any exercises that someone can practice to develop these leadership traits? 49:11What is your ‘why’? 49:30What would be the one piece of advice you’d give to facilitators, leaders, and coaches about bridging the trust gap? 52:14Was there anything else you wanted to share that we haven’t discussed yet?


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