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Episode 162

April 27th, 2022

162:Facilitating Self Development at Work with Prototype You with Kristiaan Hartmann and Wouter Smeets

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    Supporting employee self-development isn’t a sacrifice for organisations. In fact, it is often a precursor to the organisation’s own growth and progress.

    In Kristiaan Hartman and Wouter Smeets, we have two of the best people possible to discuss self-development in the workplace – and its impacts throughout organisations.

    As the founders of Prototype You, Kristiaan and Wouter have been facilitating self-development programmes within organisations since 2018. Safe to say, they have plenty of insights to share about how facilitation can help us design better (perfect?) roles, workspaces, and even careers!

    Find out about

    • Why employees’ personal growth so often generates organisational growth
    • How to create a culture of shared development, based on inner values
    • The story of Kristiaan and Wouter’s business – Prototype You – and why they started it
    • Why skillset and mindset are equally important in personal development
    • How the duo recruit facilitators to deliver the programme – and what they’ve learned through the process

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    Questions and Answers

    01:43When did you start calling yourselves facilitators? 02:46What’s the difference between a coach and a facilitator? 07:52Why did you call your company Prototype You? And why not Perfect You? 11:41Is prototyping a skill to learn or a mindset to adopt? 14:42What is Prototype You, then? What is the process behind it? 17:05This sounds reminiscent of a retrospective in Scrum? 23:57Do you focus on our self-responsibility for our work experience? 29:07Could the next step be to develop a version of Prototype You for families? 31:01Discussing failure and different perspectives on it. 34:55What role do managers play in the Prototype You process? 41:51How would you deal with a manager realising that they’ve overpromised something as part of an employee’s prototyping? 45:10Do you have a checklist or a process to vet companies? How do you spot red flags? 01:40Is your service – your product – still in prototype? Or is that phase complete? 03:05As you have external facilitators deliver some of your programmes, is each session codesigned with them? 04:33How do you recruit your facilitators? 08:42Is it scary to have other facilitators out there delivering “your” work? 13:32Discussing the arrogance inherent in assuming that we see things that someone else doesn’t and theorising about “what might have happened”. 20:20It sounds like your facilitators need to be highly skilled and mature – in their own practice but also in your programme? 21:59How do you balance the personal learning styles and speeds of participants with the need for the group to make shared progress? 25:05Do you have a favourite exercise? 30:18What would be your one-word description for each other? 33:25What is the one thing you want listeners to take away from this episode?


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