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Episode 163

May 4th, 2022

163:What do we facilitate for? A philosophical conversation with Dov Tsal

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    Why do we facilitate? Who are we, as facilitators? Is shared understanding a goal?

    Dov Tsal – Tao-inspired coach, mentor, and facilitator – is not one to shy away from the deep and challenging philosophical questions of our craft.

    In fact, he’s usually the one asking them!

    This was certainly the case in this episode – which is more of a conversation than an interview. We examine the role, purpose, and objectives of facilitators and explore the boundaries of our work and being.

    An unmissable, unique episode for enquiring minds of facilitation.

    Find out about

    • Why acceptance of all outcomes grants us space to facilitate as the group requires
    • How a workshop’s success or failure is predetermined by our expectations of its purpose
    • What it means to be a passive facilitator
    • Facilitating the group as an ecosystem, not individuals
    • Why avoiding interference is the hallmark of great facilitation
    • How to train your brain to see multiple perspectives on the same object

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    Questions and Answers

    01:37You were clear that you didn’t want this to be an interview. What would you like it to be instead? 03:15Is there anything we cannot facilitate? 05:53The issue of assuming a specific goal for a workshop. 09:15Is facilitation only possible around a purpose? 11:14Passive facilitation. 13:16When we act in service of something bigger than us, how can we be sure it’s right or working or correct? 15:38The Catch 22 of seeking perfection. 20:54Responsibility – of facilitators, in facilitation. 25:31Where does the limit of our responsibility sit? For how many factors out from our original act do we hold responsibility? 28:03 Can we go back to defining responsibility? 32:37Are we responsible for someone’s inner reaction to outer circumstances? 00:57Where are you now? What’s present for you? 03:48What would change about the world if we all believed in our insignificance? 07:40Human beings having spiritual experiences or spiritual beings having human experiences? 10:29What’s the difference between a choice and a decision? 12:55 Books – from Brenee Brown to Robert Sapolsky – and what they’re teaching us about our state of being. 17:54 Negotiating our evolutionary triggers in the world of modern humans. 23:18Can we control our reactions or simply take ownership?


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