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Episode 167

June 01, 2022

The Art of Process Design - A Live Conversation with Michelle Howard, Jimbo Clark and Myriam Hadnes

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    Process is a personal thing. We all have different ways of preparing workshops and designing their structure and flow.

    When process design is so specific to each facilitator, is it possible to find a middle ground or a central truth?

    That’s the crux of this episode – which isn’t a normal episode!

    We recorded one of Michelle Howard’s NeverDoneBefore Seedlings sessions, following the group’s workshop on ‘process’. Jimbo Clark and I were the guests, as Michelle facilitated a conversation exploring our perspectives on process design, interspersed with questions from the Seedlings group.

    It came together to be an examination of the core principles of process design, and the vast number of ways they can be expressed.

    See the process behind our process and share in our learnings from this fascinating, riveting, and challenging experience.

    Find out about

    • Why authenticity sits at the heart of any successful workshop
    • How variable process design can be between facilitators – without being right or wrong
    • Why it helps to have a list of non-negotiables before a list of ‘want-to-haves’
    • How to temporarily suspend power dynamics in your workshops
    • What changes in process design for hybrid workshops
    • How to build a relationship with a group before you even meet them

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    Questions and Answers

    02:04Introductions from around the room. 08:05Myriam and Jimbo introduce themselves to the group and share their interest and inspirations around the idea of ‘process’. 11:36 If I was a fly on the wall as you were designing a gathering, what would I see? 14:39 Once you’ve got a grip on the purpose, what’s the next step? 21:35What are your non-negotiables when it comes to process? 27:17Patrick asks: At what point, if things aren’t going to plan, do you relinquish your process? Are there signs or red flags? 32:10Who do you serve and who does your process serve when you’re in the room? 01:46 Laureline asks: How involved are you in the build-up to your workshops? Do you speak with participants beforehand? 06:37 What differs in your process for online workshops? 14:57 Do hybrid workshops work? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? 17:38Which tools and techniques do you really love? Your fallbacks and trusty servants? 19:45Can you share a time when things went wrong and your process didn’t go to plan? 26:20Where do you sit on the spectrum of tightly following your process and going with the flow? 32:33Elske asks: If you have a large group, say 50 or 80 people, how do you manage to host interviews beforehand? 33:11Patrick asks: Could facilitation be automated in the future, becoming purely technological? 38:12Christel shares a takeaway from today’s session. 39:22The group reflects and shares what they intend to bring more of to their process.



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