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Episode 170

June 21, 2022

170:Psychological Safety: The soil, not the seed with Romy Alexandra

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    Psychological safety rose on a wave of popularity in recent years. It became the flavour of the month and everyone had an idea about how to ‘add it’ into workshops.

    But psychological safety is the bedrock of successful workshops, not an optional bolt-on. When we see at as an added extra, not an essential foundation, we discredit the group and risk the success of their workshop.

    Join me and Romy Alexandra for a deep dive into the meaning of psychological safety, what we each have to give to receive it, and the challenges it can present in workshops of all shapes and sizes.

    Find out about

    • Why psychological safety is the foundation of workshops, not a late addition
    • How vulnerability connects to psychological safety
    • Why facilitators who don’t know everything are more likely to succeed
    • How Romy overcomes her urge to add more content than the workshop’s timing allows
    • How to use our natural preference for meaning-making to create connection
    • Why Romy wants more curiosity and less transaction in workshops

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