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Episode 171

June 29, 2022

171: Play with Intent with Susanne Heiss

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    Play is for kids, playgrounds, and light-hearted fun. It’s just not ‘the done thing’ in corporate settings, is it?

    If you speak with Susanne Heiss, you’ll soon see why play is so powerful – especially in the most straight-laced, professional spaces. In fact, you’ll quickly learn that professional and playful don’t have to be antonyms.

    A playful spirit and attitude can unlock new perspectives on old challenges and strengthen our connections to colleagues. It’s an under appreciated method for team-building and problem-solving. Thankfully, facilitators like Susanne are putting in the work to make play a priority for organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

    Find out about

    • How to use play with purpose, directing creative energy into learning
    • Why debriefs are critical to long-term impact when groups learn through play
    • Why giving play another name can make it more palatable in corporate settings
    • How the facilitator’s energy and intention determines the success of a game
    • What to do if your client isn’t receptive to the idea of introducing playfulness
    • How to use the analogy of texture to understand a group’s current state

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