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Episode 172

July 6th, 2022

172:Encounters with Uncertainty and: How to Integrate Neurodiversity with Matthew Bellringer

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    How many facilitators dream of a workshop in which everything goes exactly to plan? And how many facilitators have experienced that dream?

    The nature of our work means we enter a space of uncertainty from the minute we step into the room. For some, this might be a paralysing thought. Our desire for control is powerful and understandable. But for others, like Matthew Bellringer, uncertainty is an opportunity.

    Matthew’s work in centering and celebrating neurodiversity, problem-solving at scale, and finding new approaches to old challenges is a testament to what can happen when we embrace uncertainty.

    It’s likely he will have persauded plenty of listeners to feel the same way by the end of this episode.

    Find out about

    • How to determine what is a risk and what is simply uncertain
    • Why absolutes – “a safe space” or “a balanced discussion” – are not possible in an inherently uncertain space
    • Why uncertainty is a liberation, not a restriction
    • Why many clients struggle to determine between control and influence
    • How to facilitate for and with neurodivergent participants
    • What it means to accept that our workshops can cause harm

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