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Episode 174

July 20th, 2022

174: Use Your Voice to Set the Tone with Joep Hegger

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    Before a workshop, training, or speech, which do you spend more time thinking about: what you will say or how you will say it?

    Joep Hegger would argue that your voice — your tonality and delivery — are just as critical to successful communication as the words you use. And he has plenty of research to back this up!

    In this episode, Joep and I explore the enormous power of vocal training and the impact an intentionally projected voice can have on outcomes. This feels like a topic we will hear much more about in the future — you can get ahead of the trend and add it to your repertoire with this episode!

    Find out about

    • How science explains why our voices make our first impressions
    • Why mirroring isn’t exclusive to our body language
    • What happens when a facilitator speaks with openness, calmness, and confidence
    • What defines a trustworthy voice
    • The relationship between physical tension and outward expression
    • How you can change different vocal elements to communicate in different ways

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