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Episode 175

July 27th, 2022

175: The Meaning of Presence in Facilitation - with Lily Gros, Oscar Trimboli and Michelle Howard

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    Presence — it sounds like a simple concept, but it is littered with deeper questions.

    Does our presence change when we are in a physical workshop or an online one? How can we work with a group that lacks presence? Can we push ourselves to be more present?

    To interrogate this challenging topic, we need a special format. This episode is a live recording of a NeverDoneBefore Seedling forum — our incubator for budding facilitators who are guided towards hosting their own NDB workshops at the festival.

    Facilitated by Michelle Howard and featuring Oscar Trimboli and Lily Gros, this episode explores what it means to be present as a facilitator, how we can influence our sense of presence, and what our limits are.

    Find out about

    • How presence extends far beyond our physical availability
    • Why we must first be present with — and in — ourselves before we can be present with the group
    • Why our physical wellbeing is a precursor to our quality of presence
    • What facilitators can do for themselves to increase their presence
    • How to use breaks and breakout sessions to protect and restore your energy
    • How you can help a group become more present individually and collectively

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